Where’s Yogananda: A Game


Yogananda the School Teacher

Education had always been a keen interest of [Yogananda’s]. Yogananda’s system began with the student himself, rather than with the information to be shoveled into his head. Without neglecting the importance of other information, Yogananda concentrated on developing the students’ own abilities, above all the ability to concentrate and to absorb information; on their mental clarity; and on their courage to approach life itself with a positive attitude. Only with such grounding did he proceed to interest them in their studies.

For instance, later, at his school in Ranchi (Bihar), there were two boys who fought together constantly. At night, he had them sleep in the same bed! From then on it was constant, sleep- depriving warfare, or enforced peace. They began to show signs of a budding friendship.

Yogananda then, to make sure this new friendship had gone deep enough, tiptoed silently one night to the head of their bed, and stood there. Seeing that they were fast asleep, he reached down and rapped one of them on the forehead. The boy raised himself and spoke angrily to his bedmate.

“Why did you do that?” he demanded.

“What do you mean? I didn’t do anything.” This answer was so patently sincere that the first boy subsided, too sleepy to wonder how the episode might have occurred.

Once he was soundly asleep, Yogananda leaned down once again and rapped the other boy on the forehead. This boy then sat up and shouted angrily, “I told you I didn’t do anything!” They both sat up then, ready to do battle, when they happened to glance at the head of the bed. There they saw Yogananda smiling down at them.

“Oh, you!” they cried. From that night on they became the best of friends.

—from Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biogrpahy