Summer Reading for Soul Progress: Crystal Clarity Publishers 2012

Every year, when summer approaches and the weather heats up, we often ask our friends or ourselves: “What’s on the summer reading list?” Obviously, the answers vary greatly, but the implication with summer reading is that it will be relaxing, entertaining … and, we’d like to hope, inspiring and motivating.

I love the summer reading cycle, because everything feels more relaxed, making it easier to absorb the authors’ stories, perspectives and insights in a deep, purposeful way. It is with the quest for depth, realization and higher purpose in mind that I find Crystal Clarity Publishers’ unofficial summer reading list for 2012 to be not only an exceptional collection of spiritual material, but also a selection of very well-written books that drive straight to our deepest souls and highest intellects.

For starters, be sure to read the book that just won the 2012 International Book Award for New Spirituality, Paramhansa Yogananda: A Biography by Swami Kriyananda. This exceptional biography features dozens of previously unpublished stories about Yogananda, fills in a lot of blanks from Yogananda’s final five years after the publication of Autobiography of a Yogi, and delineates how his vision and mission was carried out over the past 60 years by his direct disciple, Swami Kriyananda. Every page is steeped in wisdom. You can read this quickly or slowly, for the experience or the deeper study of Yogananda’s words; I would recommend reading it both ways.

If you want to literally find yourself reworking mankind’s history and everything you have ever been taught in traditional history, geology, anthropology or mythology, read The Yugas by Joseph Selbie and David Steinmetz. This book is chock full of evidence-based examples that co-author Steinmetz spent more than 20 years gathering. His findings clearly indicate that, rather than our civilization being the most advanced in human history — as Darwin’s linear, evolutionary timeline indicates, we are really in a cyclical framework of time co-author Selbie calls “The New Renaissance,” moving into a more energetic and spiritual time. This book reads with the smoothness of a classic summer read, but will literally rock your world with its revelations. It’s fantastic.

Be sure to spend some time in the Yogananda Wisdom Series, the collection of six books featuring Paramhansa Yogananda’s writings and sayings. These simple books, all just over 100 pages, prompt many opportunities for introspection and reflection, which of course are the adult version of summer daydreaming (although daydreaming is very positive and creative, too!). The titles speak for themselves as to their applicability in life: Spiritual Relationships, How to Be a Success, Karma and Reincarnation, How to Be Happy All the Time, How to Have Calmness, Courage and Confidence, and the newest, How to Achieve Glowing Health and Vitality.

There’s a reading list that will not only add enjoyment to your summer, but likely transform aspects of your life as well. Best of all, you don’t have to search very far to find these titles! Order here, or from your favorite bookseller or online source. Let us know what you think of the books after you read them!

If you get through this checklist, and are looking for further material to complete your summer of deep inspiration, we invite you to re-read a pair of Crystal Clarity Publishers classics: The New Path and The Essence of Self-Realization. If you want to take these books back to their essence, then we invite you to order up or re-read the book that started it all, Autobiography of a Yogi.

See you at the beach … or lake … or beneath a tree, immersing in the presence of God while engaged in some great summer reading.


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